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Go Pro mount with cutaway system made for the G3  helmet. It works with the Go Pro 2-3-3+ and 4.

whith or without housing (nor furnished). Choose yours. THE LASTEST ADUSTABLE MODEL FOR GP 3+/4 IS AVAILABLE.


  • Mounts GoPro HERO 2,3, 3+ and 4 to Cookie G3 helmets.
  • No drilling, modification of helmet or glue required.
  • Uses standard stow bands.
  • Integrated cut-away system. 
  • Snap-in function provides easy camera mount/dismount. 
  • Flexible suspension gives a vibration free, rugged and durable system sustainable to shock.
  • Download instructions HERE and HERE

Mount without housing for Go Pro2, 3, 3+ and 4           Mount with housing Go Pro 3


      Mount with housing for Go Pro 3+ et 4


Mount for GP 3+/4 with adjustable camera angle. [-30, 30] deg

GrellFab type

Shipping insurance



What Does It Do?

The Turned On unit makes use of 3 colored LED lights to provide information as to the status of the camera. When the camera is recording, the light will be solid red. When it is on standby a blue light will be displayed. When an error is present it will display either a solid yellow or a flashing yellow light. When the light is flashing yellow, it indicates a potential impending interruption to recording, such as low card space, low battery or high temperature. A solid yellow light indicates an error and in this case, the camera will not be able to record, such as in situations where the card is missing or corrupt.

The device will work in all modes, and show the active recording light whether you're recording video or shooting a series of images in burst mode.

What separates the Turned On indicator from other indicators on the market is the detailed level of information provided. Most other indicators simply use an on/off system that will display whether or not the camera is recording or even just whether the power is on, which is often unreliable - especially in cases when the camera may be in stand by mode.

Compatibility and Support

Please follow the instructions to update your camera

Don't forget to tell your friends at the DZ about this new update. Help spread the good word!


Currently there is limited compatibility with the Turned On, and will require one of the following GoPro cameras: GoPro Hero 4 Black, GoPro Hero 4 Silver, GoPro Hero 3+ Black, GoPro Hero 3+ Silver, GoPro Hero 3 Black.

Supported Versions

GoPro Hero 4 Black - v1.02.00
GoPro Hero 4 Silver - v1.0.2.00
GoPro Hero 3+ Black - v1.04.00
GoPro Hero 3 Black - v3.00.00

GoPro Hero 3+ Silver

There are two build of the Turned On available, the H3+/H4 and the H3. The H3+/H4 is designed for use with the GoPro Hero 3+ and GoPro Hero 4 cases, while the H3 model is for use with the GoPro Hero 3 case.

Hypoxic are already looking to expand the development to include more of the GoPro models and claim to be exploring compatibility that goes back to the GoPro Hero 2.

Is it hard to install?
No! Simply click off the existing back door to your camera and click in our custom backdoor. Next, use our intuitive application to install Turned On on your GoPro Camera. Finally, slide Turned On into your GoPro Camera, and you are ready for almost any action sport!

Why do I need this?
In most action sports, safety should be your primary concern. With GoPro Cameras, it’s too easy to be so distracted by camera status that you forget about your safety procedures. With, Turned On, you’ll always know that your camera is problem-free and ready to go. (Of course, this means no more hilarious “Am I blinking?” faces -- but we think you’ll live.)

Why not the Wi-Fi Remote?
The Wi-Fi Remote works just fine under controlled laboratory conditions. In the real world, however, it’s always uncharged, it quickly drains your camera’s battery and it’s highly susceptible to RF interference. Beyond that, the remote’s small screen and indicators make it impossible to know what’s going on during high-adrenaline sports like ours.

Will it work in any mode?
Your camera will operate normally with Turned On installed. It will still work with the Wi-Fi app and remote. When the unit is removed, GoPro Inc.’s existing backpack products will work as normal.

How does it know I’m in the wrong mode?
Turned On will warn you when you accidently hit the mode button one too many times and are not in the default “power on” mode. The camera will still record just fine in this mode -- but Turned On will make sure you’re aware of the current setting.

Is it waterproof?
Turned On with its custom back was designed to be water-resistant, but is not meant to be submerged. If you plan on submerging Turned On, you must first test all gaskets without the camera installed.

How does it really work?
Turned On works much like Magic Lantern for Canon Cameras. A small application, which runs in the background,reads the camera’s status and sets the LEDs appropriately.

* Go Pro type

Shipping insurance



Go Pro ADJUSTABLE mount with cutaway system made for the KISS  helmet. It works with the Go Pro 3+ 4 and Session. whith housing (not furnished).


  • Mounts GoPro HERO 3+- 4 and Session to KISS helmets.
  • Mount with adjustable camera angle.
  • HERO3+/4 [-30, 30] deg.
  • HERO4 Session [-45, 45] deg.
  • No drilling, modification of helmet or glue required.
  • Uses standard stow bands.
  • Integrated cut-away system. 
  • Snap-in function provides easy camera mount/dismount. 
  • Flexible suspension gives a vibration free, rugged and durable system sustainable to shock.
  • Download instructions HERE and HERE

                            Mount with housing for Go Pro 3+ - 4  and Session





GrellFab type

Shipping insurance

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