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Fuel Helmet
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Fuel Helmet

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Cookie Composites's last helmet

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Notas y comentarios

Be careful, the purpose of this helmet is not in any case a protective helmet.
Its only goals are:
1° to reduce the noise of the wind in freefall or in a wind tunnel.
2° to mount on it cameras and/or video cameras
3° to reduce the sensation of cold.
It must not be used for the purpose of being protected from any shock.


Cookie has developed a new Fuel Helmet to suite a variety of small format, point of view style video cameras.

  • 12 Colour Choices (11 in stock)
  • 3mm Abs/Polycarbonate blended exterior shell for strength and durability
  • Cookie's proprietary comfort fit internal liner in sizes XS-XXL
  • Ergonomic chinstrap for comfort and durability
  • Dual Interior Audible mounts for L&B products
  • Optional Audible altimeter windows to suite L&B and Alti-2 products
  • Optional Cookie Go Pro 2-3-3+-4-Session Roller Mount
  • Optional Flat Side window for side mounting POV cameras ( Sony AS 15)
  • Optional Go Pro click in top mount
  • Optional Cutaway chinstrap or chincup

Note Colours depicted in these Fuel images may vary slightly


XS     51-52 cm

S       52-53 cm

M      53-55 cm

L      55-57 cm

XL    57-59 cm

XXL  59-61 cm

 As all Cookie helmet its sizing is small, we recommend to try one before ordering your.

   External audible mount         Sony SA15  side mount           



      Roller mount Go pro            Go Pro clic mount                        Sony AS15 sleeve


     Audible external mount                    Cutaway system          Roller mount for Session

                                                           Flatlock  mount                        


General instructions

Go Pro Roller assembly

Cutaway assembly

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Notas y comentarios

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