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Intermediate Main canopies


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Intermediate level main canopy from Paratec.

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At Paratec innovation never stops




1. Description



The NRG is the first of a all new re-designed series of Paratec main canopies using state of the art 3D design and flight simpulation tools. The canopy is concepted to meet the requirements of beginner/intermediate jumpers but also has the potential to be a sportive alternative in the hands of an advanced pilot.
Never before we were able to integrate such a wide performance envelope successfully into one single design.
This was possible using the most modern design and flight simulation software, with it’s roots in the large aircraft industry. It generates all flight performance and design data from the inflated (flying) state of the canopy based on all imaginable wing load factors and in flight parameters, giving us realistic figures of our canopy design. This way, our engineers are able to determine and meet any parameters required for the selected user group(s). All panels are generated from this inflated state which again results in a realistic product, based on realistic parameters.
The NRG is of trapezoidal shape, meaning that only the wing tips are tapered, leaving the centre part of the canopy rectangular.
The canopy is made from all Zero P fabric, utilising our exclusive True Shape construction method. It comes with 770lbs Vectran lines and light weight stainless steel slider grommets as standard.

2. Flight Performance

2.1 Opening characteristics
Due to the moderate tapering of the leading edge, the openings are on heading, whereas we all know that off headings are always possible due to packing and or body position during the line stretch and inflation phase of the canopy.
Opening time is a comfortable 3-4 sec with a hardly noticable snatchforce at line stretch. At minmum wing loads one can notice closed end cells on and off which will inflate by themselves latest by the time the slider is collapsed.

2.2 Flight characteristics
The NRG has a noticable high air speed of 49ft/sec at nominal (ideal) wing load. This would put the canopy speedwise into the next higher category, but due to it’s impressive slow flight ability with it’s very hard to stall nature it will not overburden the unexperienced, yet in the hands of an expert this speed will generate nice long swoops and lots of flying fun in general.
Turn characteristics are moderate sportive, with the canopy not overturning or having any tendencies to twist up. The pilot always stays in the centre of gravity.
From deep brakes to full flight, the NRG answers with a gentle nodding instead of a radical surge, generated by a well balanced airfoil design. A very helpfull characteristic for people mis-judging their flair altitude and „try again“.
The canopy’s rate of decent ranges around 20 ft/sec at full flight, giving it a nice noderate dive arc with easy recovery. It will help the low experienced gain knowledge during a canopy skill camp and will also satisfy the ambitious canopy pilot in terms of nice dives followed by long swoops on the weekend.
Front riser and toggle pressures are moderate, rear riser pressure is light just as it is demanded for a modern canopy these days.
It’s flare is powerfull during the complete toggle range preparing for tip toe langings, even in 0 wind conditions.

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