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» » » » Tonfly Speed Performer with cutaway kit

Tonfly Speed Performer with cutaway kit

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312.50 € HT
375.00 € IVA incluido

A quality reference

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Plazo de disponibilidad 60 dias

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                   NEW STYLE SHAPE


Be careful, the purpose of this helmet is not in any case a protective helmet.
Its only goals are:
1° to reduce the noise of the wind in freefall or in a wind tunnel.
2° to mount on it cameras and/or video cameras
3° to reduce the sensation of cold.
It must not be used for the purpose of being protected from any shock.


You can design your helmet HERE

Save your file and send it to us with your order

- The new SPEED Helmet is perfectly compatible for the installation of your GOPRO camera
(not included)

- Extraordinary light , only 520 grams !!!
- Helmet in carbon fibre technology
- TF cutaway system available on request , it is strongly recommended when using video devices
- Available with or without external audible port
- External audible port prepared to fit OPTIMAII, SOLOII,VISOII-II+ and QUATTRO from Larsen & Brusgaard
- Thermoforming new inside linings for a perfect fit and comfort of your head,
the back part closes perfectly your neck.


Go Pro mount on front


 Go Pro mount for Turned On

The safer, more secure way to mount your GoPro HD HERO onto your curved-top helmet.

A snag-resistant mount designed exclusively for skydiving, the GoPro flat and curved bottom mounts allow for adjustment of camera angle and opening of the GoPro's weatherproof case while still mounted to the helmet. Fits GoPro Hero3 camera..

You can either fully design your helmet with the options
Special and custom designs and logos as well.
                    BIG SKULLS                                CARBON                                            DOLLARS
                    DROP                                           FLAMES                                               SKULLS
                 SNAKE                                                 SPOTTED
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Notas y comentarios

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