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A reference in CRW.

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I want a canopy designed specifically for canopy relative work, a canopy that has proven itself in

everything from rotation to worldrecord formations"...

If you are serious about C.R.W., then there really is only one choice, the P.D. Lightning. The Lightning

is not just a "regular canopy with C.R.W. lines", it is a specific canopy for a specific job...canopy relative

work. C.R.W. requirements are unique. The Lightning is designed and built to satisfy those requirements.

From pilot chute and bridle retraction system, to heavy duty reinforcement, special trims to tail pockets,

the Lightning has what you need to perform at your best. The Lightning is available in all Zero P

construction (terminal deployments are NOT RECOMMENDED on all zero P Lightings), combination

(Zero P top skin only), or entirely low porosity fabric (F111 type).

There are a variety of trims, line lengths and other options to tailor your Lightning to you specific needs.

Whether its setting world records for the largest formation or the fastest rotation times, the Lightning is

the number one C.R.W. canopy in the world. If canopy relative work is your specialty then the Lightning

is waiting for you!

The Performance Designs Lightning...C.R.W. Performance!




PD Main Canopy Color Chart


 Blackberry Tangerine Lime Green  Light Blue  Red
 Magenta Lemon Jade Turquoise Silver
 Neon Pink  Yellow Kelly Green  Royal Blue  Black
 Watermelon Gold White Navy Blue  *Orange
( * ) Color not available in zero porosity fabric.
Note: colors on screen may differ from real fabric colors and dye lots


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