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Some highlights about the Valkyrie:

7-cell design (with inflatable stabilizers/wingtips)

Similar planform and look as the Peregrine. 

Freefall canopy with amazing openings at terminal speeds.

Zero-Porosity material.

Standard configuration: collapsible drawstring slider and 500 Orange Vectran

Optional: RDS and 300 Orange Vectran (for competition use)

Sizes:  The Valkyrie (VK) will be available in sizes 103-96-90-84-79-75-71-67.


What people have been asking us about this new canopy:


Q: How do I buy one?

A: The Valkyrie will be sold through PD’s Authorized dealer network.  Interested customers should contact their local dealer to discuss if this canopy is right for them, and should be prepared to demonstrate expert canopy pilot skills and/or provide references.  Potential pilots should be highly competent on a more traditional crossbraced canopy, prior to considering a Valkyrie.


Q: Who is this canopy for?
A: This canopy is far more responsive than a Velocity or Comp Velocity, and not lacking in power or speed. It was designed for expert skydivers who are experienced and highly competent on high performance, cross braced canopies.  If you are very proficient jumping a Velocity or Comp Velocity and want to take it to the next level, this is the canopy for you.


Q: How are the openings?
A: This canopy opens like a dream. Even though it is extremely responsive to input, you will find the openings to be smooth, well-staged and with less tendency to search for a heading during inflation.


Q: How are the flight characteristics?
A: The Valkyrie is more responsive on all controls. The flare and stopping power of this canopy is incredible, and it also has great glide capabilities. All around, this canopy is awesome to fly. But don’t take our word for it…


“The openings are amazing. Best opening canopy I can recall jumping.Never once got it to open hard no matter what I tried (freefly to a quick pull, tracking hard to a pull, etc).” – Ian Drennan, PDFT


TheValkyrie is a carving machine! You get so much more lift, control, and smooth flight when carving a swoop, than with a Velocity. The toggles are more responsive, and flare a lot more powerful…” - Alejandro Ramos, Tribu Freefly


The feedback we have been getting on this new product is incredibly positive, with regards to openings, flight characteristics and performance. We are very excited to make the Valkyrie available to everyone (*with the required experience).


HYBRID VALKYRIE- Introducing the Hybrid Valkyrie- Everything you love about the Valkyrie but more. We incorporated sail fabric into the Valkyrie’s ribs to give it more power, more responsiveness and longer swoops than the all ZP constructed Valkyrie. Think of it as a “Valkyrie on steroids” with more sensitivity in the harness and more stopping power than ever before. Available as an option when purchasing your next wing, the sail ribs are a great addition for the seasoned Valkyrie owner. When choosing between the all ZP and Hybrid Valkyrie, keep in mind that the sail ribs will increase pack volume about a half size in comparison to the all ZP Valkyrie. Overall lifespan of the canopy is similar to that of an all ZP wing. This option is now available for purchase through canopix3D. 

  • Improved rear riser performance.
  • Better carry and longer swoops.
  • Please be sure to select “Valkyrie Hybrid” from the product list. (Orders cannot be processed by ordering a “Valkyrie” and stating “Hybrid” in the notes field. 
  • Sail ribs are only available in black or white fabric.
PD Valkyrie Wing Load Chart
Valkyrie-06767100 (45)N/RN/RN/RN/R161 (73)188 (85)13.795.58/2.552.84:1
Valkyrie-07171107 (49)N/RN/RN/RN/R170 (77)199 (90)14.205.69/2.622.84:1
Valkyrie-07575113 (51)N/RN/RN/RN/R180 (82)210 (95)14.595.89/2.692.84:1
Valkyrie-07979119 (54)N/RN/RN/R142 (64)190 (86)221 (100)14.986.10/2.772.84:1
Valkyrie-08484126 (57)N/RN/RN/R151 (68)202 (92)235 (107)15.456.16/2.862.84:1
Valkyrie-09090135 (61)N/RN/RN/R162 (73)216 (98)252 (114)15.996.42/2.952.84:1
Valkyrie-09696144 (65)N/RN/RN/R173 (78)230 (104)269 (122)16.526.61/3.052.84:1
Valkyrie-103103155 (70)N/RN/RN/R185 (84)247 (112)288 (131)17.116.91/3.162.84:1

VLC = Varies with landing conditions. N/R - Not Recommended

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