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A reference on the today's parachute industry.

Quantity : 
Dispatched within 70 days

Split color (excluding V)

Hardware type *

Variable geometry harness

Adjustable harness


RSL lanyard

3D spacer foam (back/leg pads)

Deluxe backpad

3D spacer foam stabs

FF mod

Magnetic riser covers

UPT Kill line

Leather hackey

Freefly pud

Monkey fist handle

Reserve handle pilow

Louie Loop

Pull out

Carry handle

Center flap piping

UPT logo embroidery RC

UPT logo embroiderie (side)

Reserve cover flap logo *

Custom name embroidery

Semi stowless main bag

Hook knife alu

Hook knife plast.

Custom logo embroidery (minimum)

Contrasting stiching

JC stich (random stiching)

Special design

Dynamic corners *

Rolled edge legpad *

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In 1994, United Parachute Technologies unveiled the Vector 3 Harness/Container system — it was the first FreeFly rig on the market, and that new design incorporated concepts that originated through years of research and development; and, it was introduced to meet the demands of modern SkyFlying.

In 1999, using the latest technology and the knowledge United Parachute Technologies gained in building the Vector 3, a container
system aimed towards the growing trend of smaller canopies was designed — the Micron, and it is the most technically advanced harness and container system in the world. United Parachute

Technologies created the Micron by hiring a dedicated team of engineers — this was something that never seen before in the arena of sport skydiving. Those engineers, who happened to be world-class competitive skydivers, reviewed United Parachute Technologies' systems designs and applied sound engineering practices to them.

In doing this, the engineers were able to improve the function of the Vector 3 riser covers, pin protection, comfort and the operation of the three-ring release system.


The Micron container incorporates an entirely velcro-less design and is shorter and narrower than the Vector 3 container. The main pin flap's closing, from the bottom up, protects the pin better, particularly while moving around in the aircraft and during freestyle maneuvers. The Uni-Body construction, while providing a smoother contour profile, also creates a pocketed corner, which safely routes the main bridle to the bottom of the container. This feature is built into the reserve container and protects it during unstable openings. No matter which main pilot chute location you choose, the bridle will be safely hidden and snag-proof. The ergonomically designed harness curves over your shoulders nicely. It provides greater comfort and fits narrow shoulders well. The harness is also stronger as a result of improved confluence construction. The Micron has an overall cleaner look, and a more protective design with a tailored and comfortable fit.
 Check out the new SPLIT COLOR OPTIONS

For a faster turnaround time (2 weeks), UPT has an average of 25 stock sport Vectors with unfinished harnesses and the following options built in:
3D spacer foam
Magnetic Riser Covers
Padded Stabilizers
Other options that can be added are:
VGH (one piece only)
Hook Knife
Freefly Mod
Soft Reserve Handle
Louie Loop


Options Contrasting stiching ( the binding tape) and "JC stich" (the random stiching)



The completed order form should be faxed or scanned/e-mailed directly to Basik Air Concept Once the order is submitted, we will contact you to review the order, make any necessary changes and give you the final price with options/shipping.

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