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» » » Wingsuit Cypres
Wingsuit Cypres
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Wingsuit Cypres

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AIRTEC it's new AAD

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The WSC (Wing Suit CYPRES) will monitor the wingsuite skydiver during his complete skydive and set itself accordingly.

During wingsuit flight, it will activate with a vertical speed of approximately 20 m/s (45 mph) and after it detected the canopy opening, it will switch to the usual activation speed like the Expert or the Speed CYPRES, whatever mode you are in. This switch will be indicated by an audible sound in order that the skydiver knows when the WSC is working on "canopy flight modus" and that he can start flying his canopy without being afraid that the unit will activate during a turn on his fast flying canopy.

Units manufactured from 1st of January 2016 doesn't have anymore a mandatory maintenance but only highly recommended.

Units manufactured from 1st of January 2017 have now a life time of 15.5 years. If you do not send your unit for maintenance you loose your waranty.

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