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Velocity Sports Equipment makes a great harness and container system, reasonably priced, easy to get, and very handsome."

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Introducing the newly designed Infinity parachute harness/container system from

Velocity Sports Equipment.

The Infinity harness/container system was designed with two basic concepts in mind:

safety and performance. An emphasis has been placed on increased security of the pin

cover flaps and riser covers, an additional main riser cover is incorporated into the reserve

container side flap, a redesigned reserve pilot chute for better launch and higher drag, and

the standard Reserve Static Line (RSL) is Velcro-free and concealed for maximum snag

resistance. Only the most advanced construction techniques and the finest quality materials

go into each and every Infinity harness/container system. So, whether you're into relative work,

freestyle, freeflying, or skysurfing, Infinity offers the only logical choice when choosing a first

class, quality built, and affordable harness/container system.


Infinity 2Infinity 3Infinity 4


Options include: Mesh backpad/legpads, pinstripes, hip rings, floating laterals,

soft reserve handle, collapsible main pilot chute with silver hackey, RSL, hook knife

and cadmium hardware.


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