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Reserve Canopies


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Paratec's reserve canopy.

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Paratec canopy sizes

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The Speed 2000 Reserve is without a doubt, the best performing square reserve on the market. True Shape construction, sophisticated aerodynamics combined with the lowest pack volume ever achieved in the history of ram air parachutes, made it the No 1 selling reserve in Europe. It is certified under JTSO and FAA TSO C 23d and manufactured under the tightest QC Standard for parachutes known today: EASA Part 21.


Canopy sizeMa suspended weightMax operating speedPack volume in cui
12072150 KTS221
13580150 KTS248
15088150 KTS266
17096150 KTS307
190110150 KTS322
220115 ( 105 Students )150 KTS344
250115150 KTS393
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