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CRW Canopies

Triathlon CRW

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The compettion CRW canopy.

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The Triathlon Competition CRW Series are highly specialized parachutes designed
exclusively for World-Championship level competition. This canopy uses the basic
Triathlon airfoil--but has been highly modified for maximum CRW scoring performance
by professional teams. The inlet is an open design with a modified sweep angle for
maximum opening consistency and minimum inflation time. The canopy also features
a mesh slider and tail-pocket deployment system. The reinforcing tape on this canopy
is industrial-strength to survive the rigors of competitive CRW team use. It is important
to note that he Triathlon Competition CRW Series is designed for sub-terminal competition
exits. It cannot be comfortably deployed at free-fall speeds--and may cause serious injury
if used for traditional free-fall purposes.
The Triathlon Competition CRW Series is the choice of the current CRW World Champion
Russian Army team as well as the silver medallist Italian CSE team, and bronze medallist
French National Team.
These canopies are typically ordered in sets of four or more by teams. Aerodyne Research
has several former CRW World Champions on staff to provide the specialized individual
guidance necessary to suggest perfectly matched performance and to select proper wing
loading at the very-high levels preferred by World-Class competitors.
Exciting Features:
•A highly modified Triathlon, complying with the demands of CRW competitors.
•Consistent openings with a minimum of inflation time.
• Comes with a mesh-slider and a tailpocket deployment system.
•Constructed from zero porosity fabric.
•Heavy leading edge reinforcement.
•Designed for subterminal exits only.
•The canopy of choice for world champion teams and anyone who would like to compete against them.
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