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Triathlon Hybrid

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Versatility but CRW either.

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The Hybrid is terrific for those jumpers who want a canopy adapted and reinforced
for intermediate to advanced CRW that can also be comfortably deployed in free-fall.
The Triathlon Hybrid airfoil is identical to the RW version with the addition of ¾ inch
leading edge reinforcing tape and the proprietary Aerodyne Research 4-point retractable
pilot chute system. Center 'A' and 'B' lines are non-cascaded and made of high-visibility
orange 900 pound Dacron. The Triathlon Hybrid is extremely popular for many skydivers
because nearly everyone does some CRW at one time or another. For only an additional
$100, the extra reinforcing, pilot-chute retraction system, and non-cascaded centerlines
are a real bargain--eliminating the potential need to purchase another costly, specialized,
CRW canopy. Many Hybrid owners purchase our kill-line collapsible pilot chute for use on
non-CRW jumps. When the opportunity for some serious CRW arises, they simply swap
the KLPC with the retractable CRW bridle and a standard pilot chute--a process that takes
only a few minutes. The KLPC is quick and easy to pack and saves wear and tear on the
CRW bridle as well as eliminating a step from packing when the retractable bridle is not
Exciting features:
•The one canopy that does it all.
•An ingeniously designed 7-cell canopy combining user-friendly handling characteristics
with outstanding performance.
• Zero-p fabric.
•Smooth predictable handling.
•No other canopy offers such a wide range of landing capabilities from Demo to Swoops.
•New steering line configuration for increased flare power.
•Small pack volume due to seven cell construction.
•Comes standard with spectra line, soft links, and collapsible slider with “super-lightweight”
stainless steel grommets.
•The only CRW canopy that can be deployed comfortably at terminal freefall speeds.
•Fully prepared for CRW, with leading edge reinforcements, Aerodyne’s 4-points pilotchute
retraction system and non-cascaded A- and B-lines.
•Can be configured easily and quickly for freefall jumps, by replacing the retraction system
with a common kill line pilotchute.
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