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» » » » Uno 600 Swoop pants

Uno 600 Swoop pants

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265.00 € HT
318.00 € IVA incluido
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Plazo de disponibilidad 60 dias

Padding side legs

Padded knees and bottom *

RDS pouch *

Nb Extra logos *

Rush order shipped in around 15 *

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Design your Swoop pant HERE, save your file and send it with your order do not forget to choose your options.

UNO.600 swoop


 It’s a technical Pant with ergonomic fit to SWOOP !!!! Speed Fabric in the front to have the minimum drag trough the air and go fast. Ergonomic crotch, for leg straps fitting with Diamant fabric.

Cordura on buttock, on legs back side and on knees, to prevent abrasion. Padded buttock, knees and leg’s sides. Two little buckles on the side of the zip to tight your pants evenly.
Pocket for removable slider,bag and pilot chute.

Special Design

Each design is available for the entire range of suits in any color you want.
Create your suit and choose the design you like with our New Configurator.
Our graphic artist will draw a layout with your colors choice to review and confirm.
In this page you will find several examples of Special Designs suits from sketch to final product.

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Notas y comentarios

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