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X-Shut AL
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X-Shut AL

Referencia -XSH001
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The best camera mounting system

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X-Shut is an innovative fastening system which adapts due to its flexibility to your requirements

in the fields of sports, industry or for everyday use. Due to the high three-dimensional load capacity,

X-Shut is a so far unique and reliable fastening solution,patented and made in Germany according to

the highest quality standards!


X-Shut integration par BasikAirConcept



Secure locking
Place the cross into the base matching the recess.
Press the cross in and rotate 45° right.

The X-Shut will automatically lock.

Easy unlocking
To unlock the X-Shut pull the latch bolt straight out and hold.

The cross can now be rotated 45° left and removed from the base



The standard for professional mounting of video cameras, still cameras…

X-Shut is the first fast-mounting system in the field of skydiving, which can be integrated into the helmet.

It is so flat and small in its diameter that it can be attached almost everywhere – helmet, hand, belly, shoe, etc..


X-Shut – about SAFTEY
•High load capacity
•Light weight
•Anti-vibration (O-rings in the „Kreuz“)
•Secure and easy lock and unlock
•Different materials available

X-Shut COMFORT for beginners and professionals
•Individual arrangement of your camera equipment
•Replacing within seconds – no tools, no caps required
•In case of jumps without camera – no danger due to sticking out angles
•Can subsequently be integrated into almost every helmet
•Continuous adjustment of angles about 20 degrees (integrated)
•The camera can be locked every 90 degrees

Integration Kit (option)

"Retaining plate" and „Washer Basis", for integration with a profile thickness less than 3,5mm.
Material: Aluminium, anodized
Advantage: very solid and comfortable attachment.

Following items can be added to your order just choose them in the options:

- Steel X-Shut (heavy load)

- Integration kit

- Srews and bolts kit

- Contour HD adaptor

- Go Pro HD adaptor

- Hand mount

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Notas y comentarios

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