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Matrix jumpsuit
474.00 €
V3 Jumpsuit
474.00 €
Video top
223.14 €
Shorts  SONIC
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Long pants
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Video jumpsuit
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Summer jumpsuit V3
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Student jumpsuit
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Video top

Video top

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Dispatched within 75 dagen

body front in Nylon

high collar

extra inside pocket

Double material arms

wichard closing system

extra embroideries

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Top Video

Exceptionnal wings, powerfull used by the best camera flyers.

Thanks to our top video you can associate with your Sonic pants or put on top of a different suit, you can train and develop the art of filming in free-fall without having to buy a new suit. The special curves of the wings allow you to reach angle in any position. Professional skydivers, from one jump to another you need to change from instructor to cameraman? no need to change suits, through clips attach your wings directly in your harness, put your video top Sonic and you are ready to realize your best films. This light and affordable jacket can be adapted to your needs.

Top Video

Exceptionnal wings, powerfull used by the best camera flyers.

This top Video is mainly made of poly-cotton (35%/65%), allowing great comfort with an excellent quality of fabrics. The collar and the wrist are made out of Lycra®. The back is equally out of Lycra® for the flexibility. The wings in Nylon and T3 are very resistant and will be adapted at your level or needs. The special curves of the wings provide an extra power and allows to reach angle in any position. The inside pocket is added for practical purpose.


100% Poly-Cotton

Lycra (wrist, collar)

Low collar

Inside Pocket

Back in Lycra

Wings in Nylon with a double clip system attached and an adjustable cord to put the wings in tension

For colors please report to the Sonic web site, here.

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